hauntedhouse Operating a Commercial Horror House -

Haunted House are set to be one of leisure's largest growth areas, but like operating any type of business, it is advised to gain as much information as possible to help you succeed. To provide you indepth information we have already setuped a DEMO center with us. You can come, see, touch, feel and get scared yourself before taking the the things to next step.

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Space Required -

It is important to choose premises with sufficient space to accommodate a reasonable sized Haunted House. Minimum required space for Haunted House is 1000 sq. feet.

Location is also a major factor. The most successful Haunted houses are situated in highly populated areas with maximum footfall. Suggested location is Shopping malls, Adventure parks, Gaming zone, Shopping Complexes.


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Why we -

We not just supply the Animatronics, Props, Masks, pneumatics, Sound Blasters, Digital Effects or sensors, We do installations, training, designing and Advertising planning too. We can meet all your Haunted House needs under one roof.

Almost everything we have ready in stock to start any size of the project. We will supply a prior 2D map for aprroval. And the our specialized team will do the magic. We import the specialized trigger based sound system and pneumatic controller from Canada, all our props and masks are either made in USA or Mexico.

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Destination Draw Effect

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